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76% of students oppose the Teaching Excellence Framework

Friday 9 December 2016 NUS News

Save the Student have released survey results showing that 87 per cent of higher education students are unaware that the TEF is being used by the government to justify tuition fee increases from 2017.

The Teaching Excellence Framework is a rating system that will sort universities into Gold, Silver and Bronze categories, based on how they score on a number of measures – none of which actually assess the quality of teaching.

One of the metrics intended for use is data from the National Student Survey, which final year students use to measure their overall course satisfaction. (Not the quality of teaching!)

We are concerned that the government is manipulating data so institutions can justify raising tuition fees; creating a market in higher education where elitism is valued over access.

Working with students’ unions, we have been lobbying government against this flawed plan, yet they have not listened.

This is why we are coordinating a national boycott of the NSS.

A boycott will make the data irrelevant and send a strong message saying that students will not be used to damage the reputation of our institutions, devalue our degrees or raise tuition fees.

This is why we are delighted to see that Save the Student’s survey shows that 76 per cent of students plan to oppose the scheme, including boycotting the NSS.

Sorana Vieru, NUS Vice President Higher Education, said:

“It is clear that students care about quality education both for themselves and for future students. But the TEF does nothing to ensure quality, it’s just marketization through the back door, indebting a further generations of students.”

“Over three quarters of students plan to oppose the scheme. Jo Johnson must now see that as a clear indication that the TEF is flawed and scrap this wholly problematic policy.”

Say no to fee rises, say no to the TEF - pledge to boycott the NSS today!