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Top tips for freshers (Student Accommodation Code)

Thursday 13 September 2012 Trends

The Student Accomodation Code is one of two codes of practice which collectively ensure that the majority of student accomodation across the UK is well managed and meeting the needs of students.

Here are the people at the Student Accommodation Code's top tips for students moving away to university or college.

The Student Accommodation Code's top tips:

1. Always expect to share your milk!

2. Make sure your NUS Extra card is permanently in your wallet – don’t miss out on that all important student discount.

3. Try your hand at everything and anything – find out about what your students' union has to offer - you never know where you might discover a new passion or meet like minded people.

4. Make a budget and do your best to stick to it but if you find yourself getting into financial troubles, go and talk to someone. Either in the students' union or in the university or college there will be someone who is able to help you to deal with debt and loan issues. Talk to them before your situation gets any worse.

5. If you’re in self-catering accommodation, it may be fun to share the cooking as it works out cheaper and it’s nice to not have to cook every night!

6. Don’t agree to move into a house with people for second year until at least after Christmas. You may think they are your best mates in the world, but it is really worth giving them time.

7. Try and check out some of the books and articles on your reading list in advance of deadlines. They have a habit of disappearing two days before your project is due in.

8. A lot of universities offer a study abroad option. Research this and make sure you you’ve got the right grades – a lot of departments ask you to submit an application sometime in second year, so make sure your first year grades are up to scratch. Don’t miss out on the chance to either learn a language or broaden your horizons.

9. You will be ill within three weeks. That isn’t advice, just a warning.

10. Before you start university or college, check out and to ensure your accommodation is covered by one of these codes, which protects your rights to good quality accommodation