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Support rural Kenyan communities

Monday 21 July 2008 Ethical Living

GSE Ecotours is an ethical tour operator offering community-based Kenyan village homestays to support rural Kenyan communities. Families act as hosts to their guests from the UK from four to 14 days and are paid a wage for doing so, while revenue from the scheme is also ploughed into local projects.

As a visitor, you are immersed in the local culture and treated as a family member, receiving tuition in local languages, customs and handicrafts.   

Villagers are financially rewarded for their hospitality

GSE Ecotours was founded by Jackie Kariithi, who had seen the Village Homestays model applied on a very small-scale while working in Kenya with a women’s grassroots non-profit organisation.

The mutually beneficial arrangement means that villagers are financially rewarded for their hospitality while you enjoy a profound cultural experience and the knowledge that you’re helping communities to support themselves through industry.

A GSE Ecotours’ guide and translator stays with you 

As part of GSE Ecotours’ service, before arriving at your allocated village, you are educated on what to expect during your stay, local etiquette and responsible use of valuable water and electricity amenities.  

A GSE Ecotours’ guide and translator stays with each host family to help guests to settle into their new environment and get the most from their stay. To minimise negative environmental impact and to protect community resources, visitor numbers are limited to less than 15 guests per village. 

Prices for the homestay package 

Prices start from £40 per person, per night (£35 per person, per night for groups of 10+). The Kenyan village homestay package includes all accommodation, meals, transfers, ground transportation and guide services.

The specialist tour operator also includes excursions to local national parks and game reserves as part of its itinerary, to allow you to appreciate Kenya’s majestic landscape, wildlife and natural habitats. 

For more information, call 0870 766 9891 or visit