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Steven Caulker - Off the pitch

By Orianna Royle

Tuesday 17 May 2016 Sport

NUS Journalist Orianna Rosa Royle gains exclusive insight into the life of Premier League defender Steven Caulker.



Journalist Orianna



My name is Orianna Rosa Royle and I’m in my final year of studying journalism at Roehampton University. Although I love writing and came to university with the intent to become a feature writer, I have fallen in love with video journalism. Thus, I have taken modules this year in documentary, television, war and investigative journalism, in the hope to one day be a news reporter or broadcast journalist. I love documentaries and can often be found on my laptop watching them way past my bedtime. I particularly like the work of Dan Murdoch, Michael Moore, David Attenborough, Cherry Healey, Tyger Drew-Honey and Ramita Navai. When I saw the opportunity to work as a multimedia journalist for NUS, I immediately knew that I wanted to apply for the position. This is a great platform to show off my work and it will allow me to develop my skills as a video journalist and broadcaster.