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Starting uni: how to decorate like Poppy Deyes

Friday 15 September 2017 Style

John Lewis have supplied us with some top tips on starting uni from ex-students turned bloggers and vloggers. Here, lifestyle blogger Poppy Deyes offers advice on making the most of limited storage and decorating your room sensibly. Poppy graduated from Kingston University in 2014 in Fine Art

What’s the one thing you know now, that you wished someone had told you before starting university?

It’s all gonna be okay. I mean, well, people did tell me it, over and over again… But university is SO full of ups and downs that sometimes it’s hard to believe, especially when you’re living off takeaways and have done three all-nighters in the library… BUT honestly, it really is! You’ve just gotta do everything in your own way and know that you’ll work it out in the end.

What should I pack and bring to university with me?

Everything & anything…I remember not only packing up my entire bedroom, but also making sure I’d scanned my family home for anything I could sneakily pop in to my bag! Obviously all the basics are a must, you know, the pots and the pans, the plates and the cutlery, but honestly, I think the things that are most important are the things that make you feel comfortable, that make it your home away from home and feel like yours. The magazines you love, your favourite note book and ear plus, don’t forget the ear plugs… Sleep is a must and sometimes just because you have an early lecture doesn’t mean your flat mate does too! 

What’s your advice for getting through exam season?

Be calm and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Those library all-nighters are a killer, so try and remember to give yourself some down time too. Never compare what you’re doing to others and just try to stick to your own plan and your own routine. You’ve got this. 

Why should you get involved in your students’ union?

To meet people. To explore. To try something new. The reasons are endless…it’s a perfect excuse for you to be surrounded by new faces, all whilst having a common interest!

What are your top tips for making friends at university?

Be patient. Just because you’re in the same flat or building as someone doesn’t mean you’re necessarily going to click and be bff’s forever. You could meet friends anywhere, from the SU, to where you have lunch every day, to right in your lecture hall… Just remember everyone is in exactly the same position as you! 

What’s the one thing you didn’t do at University that you now wish you did?

Travel more, definitely. A couple of my friends did a year abroad and looking back I would have loved to have done a little more exploring. It’s the perfect time to do it and seeing as I was studying Fine Art, I think it would have been great for my work too! 

What’s the best way to organise my desk and wardrobe space at university?

Be organised, yet creative. Obviously everything needs to make sense, it’s gotta be practical so you can get your work done, but also make sure that you create a space that you love. Fairy lights are great, as are all the highlighters and all the post it notes. You can never have too much stationary! 

As for wardrobe space, all I can say is prioritise. I used to separate my summer and winter clothes into two, leaving half back in Brighton. This meant maximum clothes space at Uni and no faffing when ten minutes late to a lecture… win-win! 

How can I decorate my bedroom walls without losing my deposit?

Most rooms that I’ve seen come with a pin board. Now initially when seeing said pin board I thought it would be useless, but oh was I wrong… Within a couple of days I had filled it with photos of family and friends. It’s just about using all space you have…. Hang bunting across your bed, buy tons of cacti (they live forever!) and just get creative! 

You can follow Poppy Deyes on Twitter and Instagram and check out her student decorating essentials from John Lewis here.