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Moving in to student housing

By Sarah Wayman

Thursday 13 September 2012 Trends

When it gets to the day when you move in there’s a few useful things to remember.

  • Take photos of everything when you arrive; things may have changed since the last time you looked around the property
  • Check whether repairs / refurbishments / replacements that were promised have been completed
  • Check your electricity and gas meters and record the readings and who your suppliers are
  • Make sure utility bills are in your name and that there are no outstanding issues.
  • Ensure you have keys for all locks (windows, doors, cabinets etc), and spares if necessary
  • Move the essentials in first – you can probably live without posters, pictures and plants for longer than you can without a kettle, some food and bedding!
  • You may also want to sort out additional features, such as arranging for broadband or digital television