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Love the Bard: 50th Anniversary Shakespeare Summer of Love at the Globe

By Anjida Sripongworakul

Tuesday 9 May 2017 Student journalists

Love. What does it mean to you? This summer, explore this universal human sentiment through Shakespeare’s iconic words, as performed at the original location where his plays debuted: the Globe, on the bank of the Thames.

From plays as varied as Romeo and Juliet, Twelfth Night, Tristan and Yseult, King Lear, Boudica, to Much Ado about Nothing, and Nell Gwynn, the Globe’s artistic director Emma Rice has curated a program celebrating the annual festival’s 50th anniversary, representative of the Bard’s best takes on love—the romantic, the dramatic, to the tragic. After all, it is Shakespeare whose sayings and phrases became embedded in some of our most-used romantic expressions.

Recommended plays include Romeo and Juliet, from 22 April to 9 July, directed by English National Opera’s artistic director Daniel Kramer, a chance to witness the legendary tragedy of two starcrossed lovers live; Twelfth Night, from 18 May to 5 August and Tristan and Yseult, from 13 – 24 June, both directed by Emma Rice, the first about a body-switching chaos between identical twins, and the latter about love from through the eyes of the ‘unloved’; Much Ado about Nothing (my favorite), from 14 July to 15 October, a tragicomedy of two pairs of lovers directed by the Globe’s Associate Director Matthew Dunster, and Nell Gwynn, 2-13 May, Jessica Swale’s 2016 Olivier Awards winner for Best New Comedy centered on Charles II’s lively mistress, picked from the West End’s edges directed by Dominic Dromgoole.

There are seven hundred £5 standing tickets available for every performance. Personally, I recommend (and will be booking myself) the standing tickets for an authentic Shakespeare viewing experience, as was done in the days when Shakespeare was viewed at the Globe. Do not forget to present your tickets for a £2 discount on the Globe’s individual Exhibition and Tour admission.

There are hour-long Introductory Lectures given by Shakespeare Scholars and Globe actors at 6pm throughout the season at £6 for students (again £2 off the full price!). Students also get £1 off Actor Q&As with theatre company members on their experiences in performing the plays and on any of your questions. Tickets can be purchased at £4. 

Be sure to check out the season’s full schedule for Midnight Matinees, starry performances under darkened skies.

As a Shakespeare enthusiast and an avid reader, I fully plan on seeing at least one of the performances this upcoming season. With tickets at a pocket-friendly prices to students at such a prime location for Shakespeare lovers, I highly recommend this Summer of Love program, for it may not only make you fall in love with Shakespeare’s words, but with the theatre itself.

Shakespeare’s Globe is located at New Globe Walk, Bankside, London SE1 9DT.



Anjida Sri

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