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It Walks Among Us: Normally Extraordinary Halloween Costume Ideas

By Anjida Sripongworakul

Thursday 5 October 2017 Culture

Boo. October is here. Halloween season. In case you were wondering what to dress up as out on 31 October this year, here are a few ideas inspired by the popular horror film, IT (2017). And bonus, they are almost effortless to pull off.

Get transported back in time to the 1980s with the Losers’ Club and 2017’s highest grossing horror film of all time, stripping the previous record-holder like The Exorcist off its long-time title since 1973.

With a gang of brave pre-teen outcasts, its menacing rivals, and the evil dancing clown named Pennywise, IT (2017) presents you a variety of costume options, all more than likely discoverable at the nearest thrift store, or even your upstairs attic.

For the kids, here’s a rough outline of their choice of clothing:

  1. Beverly Marsh – the only girl of the gang. Try knee-length summer dresses, striped tank tops and short jeans, or her more memorable maroon tank top paired with brown dungarees. Be sure to throw in her signature ‘key’ necklace to finish the look.

  2. Stanley Uris – the studious, hesitant rabbi’s son. Go for striped polo-shirts or light blue and khaki shorts, accessorised with a brown leather belt and simple black TIMEX watch.

  3. Michael ‘Mike’ Hanlon – The outsider who stays. Mike loves grey and muted tones. Choose your best grey polo shirt or tee, or even a white Henley to go with, like Stanley, khaki shorts. (His look is quite reminiscent of James Dashner’s Maze Runner kids.)

  4. Benjamin ‘Ben’ Hanscom – The quiet library lover affectionately dubbed by the group’s loudmouthed Richie as ‘haystack’ for his figure. Ben seems to be fond of graphic tees and black and navy shorts.

  5. Richard ‘Richie/Rich’ Tozier – The group’s chatterbox and constant clown. Go nuts with Richie. His distinguishing feature is his love for light-coloured Hawaiian and patterned shirts—be it peach or white—draped over a black or white tee. The only time Richie ever sported a plain (yet forever iconic) “Freese’s Department store” tee was his venture into a certain house on Neibolt street.  Add the same base pants as the boys before and a thick pair of glasses to certify your ‘Rich’ness.

  6. Eddie ‘Eds’ Kapsbrak – The self-diagnosed, asthmatic hypochrondriac and Momma’s boy. Eddie is the smallest of the boys, but smart and fast on his feet. Try maroon, blue, or light navy tees with short shorts and white knee socks. Eddie’s costume is a no-brainer and quite flexible. His crucial accessories are his inhaler, actually filled with water and oxygen, and two fannypacks, filled with medicine in case of emergencies.

  7. William ‘Bill’ Denbrough – The soft-spoken, lanky boy nicknamed “Stuttering Bill” by his fellow Losers. Bill often appears in loose plaid shirts—the familiar red-and-black pattern or the rarer green variety—worn over a white tee, and navy-and-white baseball tees. Bill sports a digital watch not unlike Stan’s, and wears a perpetual solemn expression, weighed by the mysteries surrounding his brother Georgie’s disappearance down Derry’s drains, which may have to do with Pennywise.

Pennywise’s costume, meanwhile, requires a bit of work and time for makeup. The clown appears to the kids in a poofy, vintage white costume with ruffled collars and red buttons, his face painted white and two red lines running down from either eyebrow to his lips’ corners.

Add a touch of spooky smiles, a dash of fear, and a whole handful of red balloons screaming, “I love Derry!” (also known as the kids’ home-base in Maine, United States), and you’ve got the basis for a perfect IT (2017) costume.

Try it, but I cannot guarantee that Pennywise the Dancing Clown won’t be after you.


Anjida Sri

I'm a Management Science (Decision Science Stream) Master's candidate at London School of Economics and Political Science. Originally from Thailand, I'm as passionate about the science, psychology, and statistics behind decision making as I am about film and writing. I enjoy opportunities to combine my passions in reviewing, discussing, and analysing films. My major influences include the New Yorker's James Wood, classic Russian literature, and Richard Siken's poetry. I've written film reviews, celebrity profiles, and news and technology coverage for my undergraduate engineering newspaper, the University of Waterloo's Iron Warrior. I'm also a guest blogger and Student Blog Editor for LSE's Department of Management. I believe pop culture, current affairs, and critical, world-changing ideas are integral to student lifestyle, and I'm committed to representing students' reality outside the classroom to society and the world. I hope to continue investigating this theme through NUS' platform for student voices.