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How to deal with family over the holidays

By Ieva Asnina

Wednesday 21 December 2016 Student journalists

The holiday season can be stressful as it is, what with all the gift buying burning a hole in your pocket and you trying to make time for everyone. It’s easy to lose yourself in the madness.

If you have lived away from home, you’ve had your taste of freedom. So going back means that your parents are doing everything for you again. Not that you’re complaining, of course. You can finally have a decent meal. But it would be nice if they remembered you’re not 12 anymore.

On top of the usual holiday palaver, there’s also the slight issue that this year hasn’t been like most years. The possibility of clashing with distant relatives has increased and now you have to deal with listening to your uncle defend Donald Trump’s comments as he carves the turkey. All in the name of the holiday spirit. 

So how do you deal with the cousin you never knew you had or the aunty that loves to cause trouble this year? For example, when it comes to older relatives remember that they grew up in a different time. If a game of charades suddenly turns into a political debate, bear in mind that fear of the unknown is more powerful than rational thinking. What has become the norm for this generation was probably taboo back then. You try changing an 80-year-old’s opinion.

Sometimes you will just have to be the bigger person and listen to the different points of view. A valid argument can prompt a healthy discussion but don’t let it put a downer on what is otherwise supposed to be a happy time. You’re also not you when you’re hungry. You lose all sense of rationality when hunger and exhaustion hit you so avoid those heated arguments until you have a bit of mince pie in you.

If all else fails, remember that it’s only a dinner or a couple of days you have to put up with. Or you can rely on your relatives to make it all about you and knit-pick your personal life. Either way, you may want to start counting down the hours now. 



Journalist Ieva



Hi, I’m Ieva. Originally from Latvia, I’m currently a second-year journalism student at the London College of Communication and an occasional blogger. I’m a self-confessed news and celebrity junkie and an avid reader of crime novels. I believe that student lifestyle is just as important as what happens in our communities and in wider society. What we do outside of our studies, the things we can’t live without and the moments that drive us crazy, are what shapes who we are and bring us all together. I look forward to exploring this theme further as an NUS Journalist because the team at NUS offer a great platform for students’ voices to be heard, loud and clear.