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Eco-residences for students

Monday 21 July 2008 Ethical Living

University Partnerships Programme (UPP) is one of the leading providers of student accommodation in the UK. One of its most groundbreaking initiatives has been the construction of a number of eco-residences.

These eco-residences were built with the new legislation on carbon emissions reduction in the home in mind! 

Constructed using completely sustainable and reusable materials

The university complexes were constructed using completely sustainable and reusable materials, allowing the carbon footprint of the project to be reduced by a massive 30%.

The most significant of these is the UPP complex at the University of Lancaster, pictured above, which recently won a BREEAM (a method of environmental assessment) rating of Excellent. T

There are also eco-residences under construction at the Universities of Kent and Leeds Metropolitan. 

Energy saving tools installed

Energy saving tools have also been installed to allow students to save energy: for example solar paneling, remotely controlled lighting and robust insulation.

As a student, you can go online to make a record of this and can gain benefits if the reduction is met. And most importantly, the required decrease in carbon emissions is further helped.