Greener Unions

Technical Toolkits

In the 2008/09 academic year NUS Services ran two technical projects designed to find out how the equipment found in most students' unions could be managed most efficiently.

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We set out to answer questions like:

  • When should you switch of bottle coolers?
  • Can you switch off vending machines and photo booths?
  • What are the energy saving priorities?
  • Which bits of kit use the most energy?
  • Can ventilation be reduced in bars and nightclubs in the wake of the smoking ban?

The projects liaised with suppliers and equipment manufacturers, and ran trials in a number of students’ unions using energy monitoring equipment. 

The result was two technical toolkits that you can download now!

They are free to download, and will be applicable to facilities managers both on and off campus.

To access the toolkits, you will need to provide your name and contact details first so we can monitor our reach and impact.