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Student Switch Off

Student Switch Off is an inter-hall energy-saving competition running at Universities across the UK giving students a chance of winning Ben & Jerry's ice cream, tickets to nights out or Lush goodies for helping to tackle climate change!

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Prizes are given out at the individual and communal level over the course of the academic year, particularly to those who pledge to use energy carefully – by signing up as an Eco-Power Ranger!

All residents have to do is switch lights and appliances off when not in use, put a lid on the pan when cooking and not overfill the kettle. Easy!

As well as individual incentives, the best hall at the end of the year wins a massive celebratory party.

Student Switch Off Achievements

The Student Switch Off campaign ran at 54 Uni institutions in 2013/14, reaching over 150,000 students, reducing electricity consumption by 6%.

This saved over 1,350 tonnes of CO2.

1,000 students trained as campaign ambassadors, over 26,000 students took part in the climate change quiz and 1,300 students sent in photos of themselves doing a variety of energy-saving actions.

Eco-Power Rangers

The Eco-Power Rangers played a key role in getting their flatmates involved in the campaign too. Take Shibani Pushparajah from the University of Liverpool, for example:

"Just by making a pledge that I would save more energy, I found myself switching unnecessary lights off that are just there for convenience, switching the TV off from standby and putting a lid on the pan everytime.

"I didn’t even know that using a lid saved energy! I also found myself encouraging my flatmates to do the same and after a while they actually got on board and won prizes.

"For doing these small things I was rewarded with eco-gadgets, fairtrade T-shirts and lots of Ben & Jerry vouchers – bonus! Student Switch Off also have a lot of useful information available on their website and have drawn my attention to their funny, but informative, YouTube videos. I’m really glad I joined the Student Switch Off campaign!"

Getting involved

To get involved this year and help improve on the savings from last year, go to the Student Switch Off homepage and click on ‘Find a University’

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