Greener Students

EAUC opening membership to students

The Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges - a coalition of over 300 institutions in UK tertiary education - is opening its membership to students as well as staff.

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NUS and EAUC believe that students are the future and the driving force of sustainability, and so to encourage more meaningful student engagement within institutions, the EAUC will shortly be opening its membership to students.

Currently, only staff at member institutions are able to benefit from EAUC member services but this new development, launching soon, means we will be leading the way by fully embracing the enormous potential students have to offer both on campus and in their future working lives.

For years, EAUC sustainability professionals have been ploughing a difficult sustainability furrow, but this needn’t be the case. Students are becoming more and more involved in sustainability projects through student unions and institutions’ own initiatives, and widening EAUC to include students will only enhance this and further compliment NUS' own work.

Iain Patton, CEO of the EAUC, says: “Opening EAUC Membership to students also offers a game-changing chance to excite, empower and mobilise students to start to realise the power they now have"

"However, we at the EAUC know that sustainability is a team game; neither sustainability professionals nor students can do this alone. By working in partnership with staff and students, we can reach beyond the low hanging environmental fruit to transform the teaching, research and leadership at the heart of our universities and colleges."

With the continued NUS greening programmes, our newly announced £5 million Students' Green Fund, and now the expansion of membership in EAUC, it's never been easier or more fruitful for staff and students to come together and work towards environmental solutions. 

More information about this new development will be available soon at In the meantime, click here find out if your institution is an EAUC member or contact the EAUC.