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Green Impact Universities and Colleges

Green Impact Universities and Colleges is an environmental accreditation scheme with a competitive streak that helps and supports university departments to improve their environmental performance.

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Green Impact Universities and Colleges is our institutional version of its parent Students’ Union programme. Working in over 50 further and higher education institutions across the UK, the programme last year successfully engaged 978 teams covering 44,655 staff. 4,807 people were directly involved in a Green Impact committee between them completing over 20,000 greening actions as a direct result of Green Impact!

Key to the success of the online workbook engaging staff in taking small tangible actions that help to create a greener institution is our support of student volunnteers, who gain training and experience as team assistants and in auditing the staff’s actions. Last year we trained over 800 students! The programme is always developing and is keen to respond to the needs and innovations coming from the staff and students on the ground to make it an ever improving way of building capacity for change.

To find out more about the programme, how you can get involved, and our exciting plans for the future visit our dedicated Green Impact website here!

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