Greener Communities

Green Impact In The Community

Due to the success of the Green Impact model within students’ unions, universities and colleges, there has been a lot of interest from other sectors who wish to utilise the programme to improve their environmental performance.

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Running our environmental programme off-campus helps us strengthen students’ unions, establish them as green hubs in their community, provide excellent opportunities for student employability and normalises sustainable behaviours.

Since 2011 we’ve worked with 72 off-campus organisations and now Green Impact is available alongside some of our other tried and tested programmes for all off-campus organisations to get involved.

Whether local councils, NHS trusts, SMEs, charities, government departments, police stations, dental practices or manufacturers, we can adapt our tried-and-tested model to fit the aims and needs of a wide range of organisations whilst providing excellent opportunities for local students and students’ unions.

For more information visit the Green Impact microsite, check out the off-campus ratecard or contact Charlotte Bonner, Communities Programme Manager at