NUS partners with Hard Rain Project to deliver new WHOLE EARTH? exhibiton

NUS is proud to lead a global showcase of the groundbreaking photography exhibitions Hard Rain and WHOLE EARTH?

Hard Rain Project (HRP), NUS and EAUC will launch the new exhibition, WHOLE EARTH?, simultaneously at 100 universities in North and South America, Africa, Asia, Australasia and Europe in 2015, reaching over a million students in that year.

WHOLE EARTH? comprises a new outdoor exhibition and programme of events that will include public exhibitions at botanic gardens, museums and in slum communities in the majority world. It presents an integrated approach to 21st-century human development and is designed to give students a voice in the debate about their future. 

WHOLE EARTH? responds to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals initiative (SDG). SDGs will shape government policies and UN programmes up to 2030; those policies will determine the future for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years. Being written by national governments whose primary focus is managing the shorter-term interests of a predominantly older electorate, it’s more important than ever that the voice of young people is heard on a global scale. 

Dom Anderson, NUS vice president for society and citizenship, said “we are really excited to be partnering with WHOLE EARTH? and hope that we can get the universities and colleges we work with in the UK to engage in the project”

“We are especially keen to use it as a way of creating dialogue between students in different countries, exposing them to the commonalities of the global challenges we face, and which they will inherit, and to create a network of interested students that we can draw on to inform and influence the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals initiative due to launch in 2016.”

WHOLE EARTH? is the successor project to Hard Rain the highly acclaimed traveling outdoor exhibition and its associated DVD, book and events. In Hard Rain, the lyrics of Bob Dylan’s song A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall is illustrated with photographs that bring alive the challenges of the 21st century.

Since the exhibition’s launch in 2006, some 15 million people have viewed it in principal cities on every continent, at universities, and at the United Nations headquarters in New York. One of the most successful photographic exhibitions ever created, it has attracted huge public and critical acclaim along with the support and endorsement of political and environmental leaders around the world. 

The original Hard Rain exhibition, a vivid reminder of the price of inaction, introduces WHOLE EARTH?

As the large mass of data collected by universities shows, we have arrived at a narrow window of opportunity to avert disasters that appear increasingly imminent. The question mark in the title reminds us that we have a choice: either continue with politics as usual, or campaign to bolster governments’ resolve to take the difficult, long-term measures that will give future generations security in a rapidly changing world. 

Click here for more information and read what participating universities have to say about the exhibition.

University of West England's response is here.

Universities hosting WHOLE EARTH? are asked to contribute a the equivalent of £2,500 Sterling + shipping. The hire fee covers the cost of printing the exhibition banners. 

Universities can register their interest in showing the exhibition by completing the below form, after which the Hard Rain Project will contact you.