Greener Campaigns

See how your University performed in the Green League

The People & Planet Green League 2011 is unveiled today with Nottingham Trent University taking the top spot with strong scores for its engagement on environmental issues and integration of sustainability.

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The top 5 also includes the universities of Gloucestershire, Worcester, Plymouth, Bournemouth and Greenwich (the latter two are tied in 5th place), who have all shown a significant commitment to the challenge of creating sustainability-savvy graduates. 

Green credentials iPhone app

With environmental issues playing an important part in students' choice of university, a new free interactive iPhone app launched alongside the People & Planet Green League 2011 allows students (and staff) to easily compare universities green credentials - from performance to curriculum. The application will be available to download from iTunes store on 8th June.


As well as showing an increase in student engagement initiatives, The People & Planet Green League results reveal major improvements in 12 out of the 13 performance and policy criteria used to rank universities and measure their transition to a fair & sustainable future.

The Green League also reveals that the sector's carbon emissions have risen by 3.9% since 2005 and that 63% of universities are not yet on-track to meet government carbon reduction targets of 34% cuts by 2020. For more information please click here. 

Commitment to ethical procurement

The University of Sheffield is the first UK university to affiliate officially to the Worker Rights Consortium – an independent watchdog monitoring worker's rights abuses in university supply chains.

Susan Nash, NUS Vice President (Society and Citizenship), said “NUS is pleased to support the People & Planet Green League, a powerful tool which has helped put sustainability well and truly on the agenda of every Vice Chancellor. With hikes in tuition fees next year and students wanting the best value for money, being green has never been more important for universities who are now competing for students. People & Planet's launch of the Green League 2011 iPhone app makes it quick and simple for students to consider their universities commitment to the environment when choosing their university."