The Carbon Academy

Welcome to the Carbon Academy, a climate change project funded by the Carbon Trust and managed by NUS Services.

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The Carbon Academy seeks to reduce the carbon footprint of NUS Services’ 233 member unions by 4% or 5,800 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year through training and best practice in energy management

The project ran between 01 April 2007 and 31 March 2008 and comprised of an investigative pilot at six students’ unions, the development of a toolkit to share best practice, and a training and facilitation programme to cascade the toolkit through our membership.

Our six pilot students' unions

Our six pilot unions who took part in the Carbon Academy were:

1. Loughborough Students' Union
2. University of Bristol Union
3. Sheffield Hallam Union
4. University of Abertay Dundee Students' Association
5. University of Warwick Students' Union
6. University of London Union

The Carbon Academy Toolkit

If you have 30 mins, read our Carbon Academy Priority Action Briefing
If you have 60 mins, read our six pilot case studies (below)
If you have half a day, use our Carbon Academy Audit Checklist

We have also provided the SMART action plans for each of our pilot unions.

You can follow the progress of our six pilot unions by viewing the meter graphs and interpretation document below.

Get involved with the Carbon Academy

You can also download training presentations to learn more...

You can order Carbon Academy point of sale materials for your union from our membership website