Health and Safety Documents

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We want to your exhibition day to be as safe as possible and therefore have put together the following documents to ensure everything runs smoothly. If you plan to sample food and drink this page is very important.

Health and Safety Declaration

This is a mandatory form and can be downloaded here. 
Please download and send back to us before the deadline date of: Friday 27 April 2018

Food Sampling Form

This form is essential for sampling on the day and completed online here. 
Please download and send back to us before the deadline date of: Friday 27 April 2018.

For guidance on Food Sampling please download...

Self Regulating eGuide

Food safety

All stands serving any type of food must provide the following:

  • Antibacterial cleaner/sanitiser and other required cleaning materials
  • Bin/bin bags
  • Hand wash basin, liquid soap and hand drying facilities or hand gel and gloves depending on the type of foods being produced
  • Temperature check records (Refrigeration, cooking and hot holding)
  • Working temperature probe and probe wipes
  • Food Hygiene Training certificates (Photocopies are acceptable)
  • Documented food safety process/policy/HACCP (Hard copy)

Temperature control requirements for catering at the ACC:

  • Frozen food must be kept at or below -18°C
  • Cold foods must be kept at or below 8°C
  • Cook/chill & high risk foods*must be kept below 5°C
  • Foods must be cooked and reheated to 75°C or above
  • Hot held foods must be kept at 63°C or above

*Foods which require temperature control will usually provide information on the manufacturer’s label; in this case these requirements should be adhered to.

Examples of foods which will require refrigeration include: Cooked meat e.g. ham, cooked poultry, cooked seafood e.g. prawns, sandwiches, yogurt, cheese, milk and cream, prepared salads, prepared salads including rice and pasta, cooked rice, pasta and couscous, black pudding and sushi.

Download our flow chart to determine which NEC food safety package you'll need to purchase. 

Download the NEC Services forms here.