Good Food

Slow and steady wins the race: fill your stomach with good food before you go out, pace yourself by alternating alcoholic and soft drinks, and know your limits. 

There is nothing wrong with saying “no” to a drink and chances are you will save yourself a terrible headache.

Tips for the morning after 

Click here to watch The Morning After video. 

Drink Spiking

It is also important to be vigilant; never leave your drink unattended or accept drinks from strangers. The most prevalent form of drink spiking is with alcohol and drinking lots in a short space of time will likely hit you all at once an hour later.

If you suspect that your or a friend’s drink has been spiked then tell a friend or member of staff.

Getting Home safely is also a very important part of the best nights out.

5 tips for a safe night out

• Remember alcohol is a drug, administer it with dignity and respect.

• Impaired judgement -the majority of violent incidents happen under the influence of alcohol.

• “We hate students” – with alcohol often comes anti-social behaviour, noise and litter which often lead to negative perceptions of students in the media and in communities.

• Open to suggestion – when you’ve had too much to drink, you don’t make the same decisions as you usually do; whether it’s deciding to walk home alone or ringing an ex, you’re more likely to act out of character.

• Less awareness – it’s funny to see a mate acting silly on the dancefloor because they’re less aware of themself. They’re probably equally less aware of their house keys, wallet/purse and mobile phone…