Cover up expensive jewellery and, if you must carry other valuables, be discreet: talking on your mobile, wearing headphones or carrying a laptop all show thieves you have things worth taking.

Have your house keys ready so you can get in the front door quickly – carry them on you, not in your bag, and consider an attack alarm (whether you’re male or female).

Reduce the loss

Spread your possessions about. For example, keep your mobile phone separate from your purse, and your keys separate from your credit card –  you’ll be less likely to lose everything if you are the victim of crime. Don’t carry large amounts of cash.

5 tips on muggings and personal robbery

• Carry your bag close to you with the clasp or pocket facing inwards
• Spread your possessions about
• Be discreet: carry your laptop in a rucksack-style laptop bag, or refrain from white ear-phones advertising your latest high-value Apple product
• Plan your routes to avoid potentially unsafe areas
• Make sure you’ve got insurance and your belongings are registered on – see our products page for more information.