International Students can be specifically targeted by criminals because they assume you won’t know the area and will have lots of valuable items. You can look after your belongings by removing valuable items from view of windows. For example, when not at home, put your cash and credit cards in a draw and your laptop under your bed so it can’t be seen through the window.


Foremost: if it’s not necessary, don’t bring it. Some valuables are safer left at home.

Making friends with students who know the area and can show you around or give you advice on the best areas to live is a good idea.

The Police in the UK are friendly and approachable, don’t be intimidated by them.

5 top tips for international student safety

  • Make sure you know where you will be living, your way around and how to get to and from your flat and University. If in doubt ask a flat mate or member of your SU to help direct you!
  • Don’t carry huge amounts of cash with you when in the UK, £50 is the most you would realistically want to keep on you. Just use a plastic card to pay for things.
  • Make sure you have travel and property insurance that covers you abroad. Check to see if you need medical insurance too.
  • Keep a photocopy of your travel documents and passport’s data page and any visa information in a safe place.
  • Keep the telephone number of your college or university’s security department handy, in case you need to call for help.