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Student Volunteering

Friday 20 June 2008 Volunteering Advice

Student volunteers are the lifeblood of many students’ unions… They put something really important into the union and continue to make it lead by students and for students.

Students produce regular newspapers and magazines, present hours of radio and television each day, raise money for the local and global communities and provide valuable welfare services.  

There are a huge number of reasons why students volunteer through their students’ union; everyone has a different incentive and reason, but we’ve highlighted some of the most common ones.  

Employers love volunteers 

Students’ unions exists to support the education of their members and you can get great skills that you can’t necessarily find in your course.  

You get to do amazing things –volunteers scuba-dive, play music to millions of people on the internet, help out students stranded in town, support people in hardship, put on large events and train other students in skills and knowledge. 

You put something back

Imagine how it must feel to know that 15,000 students read your column in the newspaper each week or that you are there for someone when no one else is.

Think about the impact you can make by fundraising for a children’s charity or by lifting the mood of a club full of dancers with your next choice of song. Volunteers get that feeling all the time. 

You meet new people

 University or college is probably the place where you will share a common experience with the most people in your life. Volunteering is a great way to meet some of them. 

So volunteering is fun, helps you meet people, helps you become a better person and helps other people in their lives. Sounds great – and that’s why students’ unions offer volunteering opportunities.

Each local union will do different things, but why not find out today what’s on offer where you study?