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Good Night Out - Ending harassment on nights out

By Bryony Beynon

Tuesday 16 December 2014 Yourself

Guest article by Bryony Beynon, Co-Director and trainer at the Good Night Out campaign.

Good Night Out is a national UK and Ireland wide campaign started by street-harassment activist group Hollaback London.

On nights out, we very often minimise the sexual harassment we receive because it happens so often. What we are doing with Good Night Out is breaking this cycle that leads to a sense of impunity and entitlement on the part of those who harass, and saying that sexual assault (yes, groping or grabbing is sexual assault!) is never okay, whether you're on a night out or in the street, no matter what you are wearing.

What we are hearing from venues across the UK, including 15 students' unions (plus local pubs, theatres, cafes, tiny bar and huge superclubs), is they do want to tackle this but they need support.

Our training gives people confidence in how they respond to a report of harassment and help to make sure the person feels supported and ready to go on and have a good night out regardless. Every venue signed up to our pledge receives posters and specialist training.

We have regional organisers working in the following areas already:

Get in touch if you are interested in bringing Good Night Out to your city. You can also find out more about what we’ve been up to and which venues are already on board in your area by visiting the Good Night Out website.