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Dial 101 for police non-emergencies in England and Wales

Thursday 23 October 2014 Yourself

For many young people, going to university and living away from home is a fun and exciting experience. However, students can also become victims of crime. Now there are two ways of reporting a crime in England and Wales. Always dial 999 in an emergency. Dial 101 for police non-emergencies.

Burglary remains one of the most common crimes, with around half a million burglaries taking place in England and Wales every year.

Discovering you’ve been burgled – either in your student halls or a shared house – can be deeply upsetting and stressful, particularly if the burglar has taken personal items which have sentimental value, or expensive digital equipment which has personal data or a crucial essay stored on them.

When you’re out and about with your friends, you can be an easy target for opportunist thieves or pick pockets, particularly if you accidentally leave your bag open, or put your mobile phone out on a table in a café.

Having your personal property stolen is stressful, and if you were mugged or your property was snatched out of your hands, it can leave you feeling scared and frightened.

Finding your car has been stolen is stressful – as well as having to deal with insurance and arranging for a replacement car, you may also have lost valuable items which were in the car.

If you do become a victim of any of these crimes, you should call the police on 101. You will be quickly connected to your local force, and the operator will arrange for a police officer to visit you at the earliest convenient time.

Visit the Home Office website for more information.