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Get your energy bills under control with a smart meter

Sunday 4 December 2016 Info and advice

The average student spends over £500 a year on their energy usage and too many of us have received a shock when opening our energy bill because we had no idea how much energy we were using. Those days of nasty surprises should be over soon thanks to smart meters – the new generation of electricity and gas meters being rolled out across all households in Great Britain by 2020.

The video below summarises the benefits of smart meters and you can check out the Smart Energy GB website here for loads of additional information.

Smart meters let you know how much energy you are using in near real-time so you can see exactly how much you are spending. Once you have a smart meter you can get your energy bills under control by using the in-home display that comes with the smart meter to identify what in your house is using loads of energy!

Smart meters are available at no additional cost and if you pay the energy bill yourself all you need to do is contact your energy provider to express interest in getting a smart meter.

Find out more about smart meters and how you can get one here.