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Disabled students - we need your feedback

By David Malcolm

Wednesday 10 February 2016 Info and advice

If you are a student who is going through or has been through the DSA process in England and Wales, the Disabled Students Allowance Quality Assurance Group (DSA-QAG) are keen to have your feedback on your assessment experience at the assessment centre and to hear about the service and products provided by the assistive technology service provider.

Leaving feedback helps fellow students make an informed decision on which assessment centre to choose for their needs assessment. It also helps assessment centre and assistive technology service provider identify areas for improvement in their services to students.

How to leave feedback

DSA-QAG maintains a searchable list of all assessment centres and assistive technology services providers. Please visit their website to find your assessment centre and/or assistive technology service provider.

To find your assessment centre or assistive technology service provider you can either enter part or their name in the ‘search’ box or you can click on the first letter of their name. You will then be able to scroll through the results to find the organisation you wish to leave feedback for.

Once you have selected the organisation, you will then be taken to the review page where you can leave your comments and a star rating (1- low to 5-excellent) for the service(s) provided to you.

Who are DSA-QAG?

DSA-QAG provides quality assurance for assessment centres and assistive technology service providers in England and Wales.

They have the responsibility of assessing applications for organisations wishing to become an assessment centre or assistive technology service provider, and they monitor the service provided to disabled students.

DSA-QAG's aim is to improve the experience for disabled students attending a registered needs assessment centre and to improve the services provided by assistive technology service providers under the disabled student allowance. NUS sits on its board of trustees to ensure a student voice is provided at all times.

If you would like more information, please visit their website or contact them by email or telephone 0141 228 6070.