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Your rights and responsibilities as a tenant

Tuesday 8 February 2011 Renting A Home

Here are some basic pointers of your rights and responsibilities as a tenant in the Private Rented Sector.

The law entitles you to some basic rights as a tenant. These include the landlord maintaining the structure of the house, as well as things like ensuring your boiler and water works properly.

You are also entitled to ‘quiet enjoyment’ of your property. This means that your landlord can’t harass you in your home or come round without notice.

They also will be responsible for dealing with repairs and maintenance. These should be completed in reasonable time, depending on the urgency of the repair. Try to keep correspondence about repairs in writing, rather than telephone calls as this can be useful should you need to make a complaint about your landlord.

In return, you as a tenant have a responsibility to pay your rent on time and behave in a ‘tenant like manner’. In other words, treat the property like your own home: with respect, report faults or breakages and be a good neighbour.

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