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Looking around a house

Tuesday 8 February 2011 Renting A Home

We’ve created a house-hunting checklist which you can take when viewing properties to help you decide if the house or flat is right for you and more importantly, safe and healthy.

Once you have decided what type of property, what location and what cost you want, you can start looking around some houses. If possible, it’s always better to see properties in person – photographs can be misleading.  

Download the PDF here.

Remember it’s advisable to look at least three properties so you get a sense of what’s available, though people may choose to look at a lot more than that. It’s also a really good idea to take photos of everything so you can remember things realistically when you are deliberating over houses later.

Take the house-hunting checklist  with you and go through things systematically. When you arrive also put on the heating and lights to make sure things work properly.

Take your time in each property, it will be worth it in the long run.