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Five ways to recycle at university

Friday 24 October 2014 Student Accommodation

It’s the start of a new year at university and that means meeting new faces, socialising and plenty of parties! But it’s also a good time to start thinking about recycling.

While you’re trying to adjust to a new life living away from home or moving in with a new set of friends, how about incorporating recycling into your everyday life too? Recycle Now share their top five tips on recycling to show it doesn’t have to be a chore:

1. Recycling on campus

Whether its plastic bottles, drinks cans or paper, look out for recycling bins while you’re out and about on campus and check posters in halls of residence for information on where to find recycling points.

2. Living off campus

If you’re not living in halls of residence don’t worry, because it’s still easy to recycle when living in a shared house. Local councils offer kerbside collections for recycling and provide containers to collect the materials. To find out about the type of service offered in your area, visit Recycle Now and use the Postcode Locator.

3. Check your packaging

Before you throw that wrapper or bottle in the bin, check its OPRL (On-Pack Recycling Label) to find out if it can be recycled.  Symbols will tell you what type of material the packaging is and how widely it is accepted for recycling.

4. Recycling at the Supermarket

Wondering what to do with all those plastic carrier bags and empty bread bags? Look no further than you’re local supermarket. The majority of larger UK supermarkets have collection points near the main entrance.

5. Minimum effort = maximum impact

Recycling helps protect the environment, reduces landfill and saves energy. For instance, recycled plastic bottles can be transformed into clothing and furniture, glass bottles back into glass bottles - there’s an opportunity to give materials a new lease of life! So remember, by simply taking the time to recycle an item, you’re helping to make a valuable difference!
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