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Are you excited to be moving into halls this September?

Friday 15 August 2014 Student Accommodation

Find out if your university is taking part in Student Switch Off and in the meantime, get a head start on getting into good habits by following our five simple tips for saving energy:

1. Turn off your lights

When you’re not in a room, why leave the light on? It’s wasting energy, and driving your bills right up.

Make sure you always turn off lights and lamps when you leave a room.

2. Put a lid on your pan

Don’t leave the lid off your pan when you’re cooking – conserve the energy you’re using by trapping the heat with the lid when boiling on the hob.

You also cook your food faster which means you eat sooner. Eating sooner is brilliant.

3. Put layers on, not the heating

It’s very easy to put on the heating. It’s just as easy to put on a jumper, an extra shirt, a onsie, or whatever you want. Putting on extra clothes keeps you super warm, and saves you from putting the heating on.

And jumpers look good. Treat yourself at the charity shop.

4. Switch things off at the wall

There’s really no need to leave your phone charger plugged in at the wall while you go down the library, to the shops, or home for the weekend. Turn it off. It takes one second, and saves tons of energy.

5. Only boil as much as you need

If you fancy a cup of tea, put a mug’s worth of water in the kettle. If you’re making tea for you and two mates, put three mugs’ worth of water in the kettle.

It’s the same as the lid on the pan. You get your drink sooner. Drinking sooner is brilliant.

Once you’re in halls, get involved with Student Switch Off to win loads of prizes from Ben & Jerry’s to NUS extra cards.