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Need a fun alcohol-free night out?

Thursday 25 September 2014 Alcohol

With many social events centered round pubs and bars at university, sometimes it can seem difficult to socialise without drinking. You can have just as much fun on some of our alcohol-free alternative nights out.

1. Organise an alternative party

A party that doesn’t focus on alcohol might just go down better than you think – you could throw open your doors for a swap shop, where all the guests bring clothes or other items they don’t want any more to exchange. Team it with a couple of our mocktails and low-alcohol cocktails and some good nibbles and you can make a great evening of it!

2. Karaoke

Is standing on stage singing to strangers more your idea of hell than a fun night out? Well worry not, there are an increasing amount of dedicated karaoke parlours with private booths that can be hired out for parties of different sizes. Rally your friends and enjoy a good old fashioned sing-a-long.

3. Spa night

Lots of spas now stay open later and cost much less to attend in the evening. Why not spend some quality time chilling out with your mates? You’ll probably come out so relaxed and glowing that you won’t even want to ruin your zen with alcohol!

4. Ice skating or roller disco

Release your inner teenager and head down to the ice rink. A bit of exercise and a good chance of a laugh when you and your mates all end up on the floor!

Alternatively take a trip to your nearest roller disco. There normally is a bar on site, but let’s face it – booze and skates don't mix. Dressing up retro style is encouraged, and they’re held in cities across the UK.

5. Let NUS Extra come up with the ideas for you!

Why not let NUS Extra do the hard work? With your NUS Extra card you can access loads of exclusive discounts to make your night that little bit more enjoyable!

  • Why not go for dinner with your friends to ASK Italian or Giraffe with your Extra discount?
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  • Top it all off with a discounted takeaway at Pizza Hut.