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Tips for new students at Freshers

Monday 23 June 2008 Making Friends/Settling In

Going away to uni or college is a life changing experience and, like anything, you'll have your ups and downs but at the end you'll be so much wiser and glad for what you did. However, before you get wise, you need some advice. Here's our top tips to starting your new student life.

Attend lectures

While you are encouraged to take part in other activities you are here to get a degree. Don’t worry about missing the occasional lecture after a good night out but don’t make a habit of it or you’ll soon be regretting it once you have to do re-sits.

Be yourself

Uni is a great time to be yourself and to make new friends, whether they are your flatmates, course mates or even the locals! Don’t try to be most popular kid in the class – nobody cares. Just make friends with people you want to hang around with.

Watch your money

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’re minted. The student loan isn’t actually that much to live on and it runs out very fast. Budget what you can buy and be careful on what you splash out on.

£10 here and there at a cash machine soon adds up to zero in wallet. You can find all sorts of deals especially using your NUS Extra card. 

Pace yourself

Your time at uni will pass surprisingly quickly! Take time over things such as coursework – putting up a list of all the year’s deadlines on your wall helps to avoid cramming on the last night.

Uni is a lot different to college or six form. If you don’t hand in the work, you’re tutor won’t even chase you for it and you’ll simply fail automatically. Get work down early and then its out of the way for you to enjoy your spare time.

Stay safe at night

Don’t walk around on your own at night. Even if it takes you two minutes your in a new city and need to make sure you’re street wise as possible and not walking in a “no go” area. Keep your mobile, ipod and wallet hidden at all times.