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Freshers' advice from the cast of Hollyoaks

Wednesday 5 October 2011 Making Friends/Settling In

The cast of Hollyoaks offer their advice for freshers starting university. Let's see if all that time in the SU bar has paid off...

BARNEY – Played by Tom Scurr

Tom Scurr, Barney from Hollyoaks, gives Freshers advice

Making new friends

There is no better way to make friends than by being thrown into the deep end.  Being a Fresher at University is very similar to joining Hollyoaks in that you don’t know anyone when you join the cast.  Everyone has been there or in the same boat as you at some point so just put yourself out

There and make friends with everyone. You may not have anything in common but you did pick the same university so at the very least you have that in common so there’s a start!

ANNALISE – Played by Tamaryn Payne

ANNALISE – Played by Tamaryn Payne gives freshers advice from hollyoaks 

Moving into student accommodation with people you don’t know

Annalise’s flatmates are her worst nightmare and 7 people living in halls is never going to guarantee you all get along.  She’s OCD and a bit of a princess but if anything she just mothers them all and most of them welcome that. Annalise is there to use everything the uni offers and get the most out of her experience and not on a social level which means she often clashes with her housemates.  Wait it out, be patient and make an effort and soon enough everyone will get to know you in your own way.  There are plenty of people in the same boat as you who move into halls so don’t be afraid to make a complete fool of yourself, Annalise surely does!

ROB – Played by David Atkin

ROB – Played by David Atkin gives student freshers advice from Hollyoaks

Making the most of your local area and the university activities

Rob is certainly someone who dives in head first, he immediately signed up for the Rugby Team and spends most of his time in the SU Bar.  It’s a great way to meet new friends and people that have similar interests in you.  Joining societies and sports teams is a brilliant way to get involved with the University spirit and the teams often open doors that your course wouldn’t be able to. 

WILL SAVAGE – Played by James AthertonWILL SAVAGE – Played by James Atherton gives student freshers advice from Hollyoaks


Old friends vs. New friends

Leaving old friends behind and making new ones can be a really hard task especially when you are so busy trying to make the most of the situation that you forget and lose contact. Will is juggling his exciting new friends with his at home girlfriend and at times it is often a battle.  It’s all about time management and making sure both parties get equal amounts of you.  The best thing about university is you can be anyone you want to be, you can reinvent yourself and make friends with people you would never have ordinarily hung out with. It is important to embrace the social scene and the strangers you live with in case you ostracise yourself.  The first few months of university are your most valuable and if your friends and girlfriend understand then they will wait as long as it takes for you to find the right balance. You will inevitably grow apart from old friends and even new ones but it’s important not to feel guilty about it, as long as you’re enjoying yourself then that’s key.

ASH – Played by Holly Weston

ASH – Played by Holly Weston gives student freshers advice from hollyoaks

Nights out, staying safe and being drink aware

Ash is a bit of a party animal and too right it’s her Freshers’ Week so she’s allowed. She doesn’t usually get herself into unsafe situations because she surrounds herself with her new found friends.  It is really important to make firm friends if you’re going to go out and never walk or go home alone. It may be an idea to read up on how much you can drink and what alcoholic units are, it’s obviously not safe to drink in excess but that won’t stop you from having a good time. A hangover is never good for your lectures the next day and ultimately that is what you’re at uni for!

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