Why volunteer abroad?

Why volunteer abroad?

Volunteering abroad is a great way to see and experience the world, whilst helping out those in need and also adding value to both your skillset and CV as a whole. Those who try volunteering often fall in love and discover some previously unknown passions and hobbies that’ll stick with them for life. There are lots of reasons why volunteering abroad is a fantastic idea, but here are some of the less obvious advantages that may convince you to give it a go.

It may sound obvious but you’ll really get to know the people you work with every day.  Your shared work and situation may lead to some unique and unlikely friendships with strong bonds. It’s a great idea to go volunteering with a friend from home, as it’ll ease you into the new environment and strengthen your friendship immeasurably.

Your experience will be unique

Though volunteering abroad is popular, chances are very few people have done exactly the same volunteer work as you, and even then it’s unlikely that any two volunteers will have exactly the same experience.  Volunteering works on so many different levels for different people and you’re sure to find a unique and rewarding meaning to your work.


Volunteering for a worthy cause can provide a much needed sense of accomplishment and many volunteers discover either a new hobby or a love for volunteering itself, often moving into paid work such as co-ordinating other volunteers or finding a job in that chosen field. This makes volunteering great for those students who may be looking for something new, or even those who just want to make a difference and help change people’s lives.

Language skills
Whilst abroad, you’ll have the opportunity to learn the native language and actually make use of it daily, accelerating your learning. If you’re teaching English, it’ll help your own written and verbal skills in the process (if you’re a truly diligent teacher!).

It’s fun!
Whilst the benefits and advantages of volunteering are clear to see, this doesn’t mean that it’s all hard work; whilst volunteering is extremely rewarding, it’s also great fun for those that love trying new experiences and meeting others.

If you’re thinking about studying or volunteering abroad, talk to a career’s advisor at your university or college.