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Think about becoming a Course Rep

Monday 23 June 2008 Become a Course Rep

Everyone does it, it’s just that nobody talks about it. We don’t mean complaining about course issues… we’re talking about thinking of ideas for what may be more effective to achieve better results.

Make a huge difference for all your uni mates

Being a course rep is your chance to make a huge difference to you and your course mates time at uni. They are vital to the link between the university and Students’ Unions and their primary role is to represent the views of all fellow students to the right people so that constant developments are made for your good. 

Course Reps are student leaders

At the heart of it all every student is here to study. Course reps are their leaders. Each course has at least one rep who is the main student contact for grievances and information.

No matter what your previous background or knowledge training is provided so all your need to have in the first place is the idea and interest in representation. This is relevant to all years of study, as you may have problems or suggestions at any point. 

Perks of the position

  • Impressive addition to your CV
  • Union incentives
  • Fun, interactive development days
  • Full time student officer support
  • Self satisfaction
  • Improved relationship with your tutors

A common goal - Representation

All course reps have a common goal. Representation. They attend meetings with their academic tutors and voice the opinions of students studying on their course.

This doesn’t take up much of your time but is extremely beneficial for development and ensuring your views are heard. All course reps will have the opportunity to feed into Union Council which is one of the highest governing bodies of the Union.

There is also the chance to be part of the higher university boards so you can see your suggestions being developed further in the pipeline. 

When, where and how to become a Course Rep

At the start of each academic year tutors and lecturers will ask who you like to become a course rep. This is your cue. Raise your hand and make this the first step in leading your course in the right direction. 

If you’re not a course rep, make sure you know who is so they can voice your opinion for you at a higher level.

If you don’t let them know what you think, how can they implement change for you?