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Sign up to the NUS Course Reps Network

Thursday 10 September 2009 Tips for Course Reps

The NUS Course Reps Network is your opportunity to network and share ideas with course reps from all universities and colleges across the UK.

Whether you are a faculty rep studying English at university in the South, or a course rep studying Marketing at a college in the North East, you can join the network and start discussing ideas and sharing your experiences of being a rep with hundreds of other course reps right now.

By signing up to the network  you can:

  • Receive free email alerts with resources, videos and information to support you on your role
  • Debate with other course reps on local and national issues
  • Enter competitions, and share your successes with other reps
  • Get alerts to free events and campaign resources
  • Join the discussion in our forums and our Facebook group

Sign up to the NUS Course Reps network and facebook group now.

For more information, email us at