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Support for carers

Friday 7 June 2013 Advice

Caring can sometimes be quite an isolating activity and many carers find it helpful to get peer support from other carers, by meeting them either physically at a carers centre, or online on a carers’ forum.

Carers Trust have a tool to help locate their carers centres across the UK, Carers UK have a directory of local carers organisations and both Carers Trust and Carers UK have online forums..

Aged 18-25?

Many services provide specific support for young adult carers (aged 18-25) because their needs and experiences may differ from older carers. Carers Trust in particular has a young adult carer forum aimed specifically at young adult carers.

What about support at my university or college?

Some universities and colleges have carers groups set up but this is not very common at the moment. In most institutions, there is a procedure for setting up a student group, so if you think there should be a carers group at your university or college, think about setting one up!

However most universities and colleges have counselling services, advice services, and/or peer support programmes, which you can use to get support or advice about your caring situation. Whether you prefer to access support from within your university or college or outside it is entirely up to you—use whichever service you like the best, or use them both!