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Have you considered a career in students' unions?

Thursday 24 August 2017 Careers and Jobs

Got your exam results through and wondering what to do from here? Looking to do a job you love and build a career less ordinary? Look to students' unions!

Finishing your studies can be a daunting time. Having put everything into your coursework and exams, you can suddenly be hit with a pretty big question: what next?

Luckily, the answer could be right under your nose.

We've developed a new website dedicated to promoting the incredible careers that can be built by working in students' unions. 

Students' unions are amazing organisations - part business, part charity - and are seriously fun places to work. They employ progressive, creative people looking to make a difference in unconventional workplaces. 

With more than 550 students' unions across the country employing over 5,000 professional staff (20,000+ if we include student staff), they are increasingly being seen as employers of choice.

From finance, IT and event management to policy, research and creative media, students' unions offer opportunities in a huge range of fields.

This new platform links you directly to some of the best employment opportunities around and to set up tailored job alerts when new ones become available. 

You can see how leaders in the student movement got to where they are today and explore the map of Career Pathways to the very top.

Do the job you love. Build a career less ordinary.

Register as a jobseeker with Careers in Students' Unions today!

Careers in Students Unions