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Monday 8 June 2009 Becoming a Student

Student life can be fun and carefree, but there can also be problems; financial troubles, loneliness and stress. Your student union Welfare Team are an excellent port of call for support and can signpost you to helpful organisations. However, sometimes you may just want to reach out to someone like you, someone who has ‘been there, done that’.

Online mentoring site is about allowing you to do just that. You probably already use social networking sites like Facebook and Myspace but is about social networking with a purpose. It is a safe and moderated platform connecting people seeking support and guidance on the big issues of life - education, career, work, family and health - with others who are willing to give and share from the benefit of their own experiences.

NUS have partnered with to make it even easier for you to use the site. It means you can find NUS mentors on the site, ready to offer you specific advice about student life. Mentors like ‘O2addict’, a 20 year old male who can offer advice on living away from home and deciding what to do with your life. Or ‘Rach23’ who can offer advice on overcoming illness, sex and relationships and all kinds of things in between. Take some time to browse the site and read inspirational stories and profiles, or try searching for some topics of your choice.

If you feel you’ve already been through the trials and tribulations of student life, and learnt along the way, there are people out there who could really benefit from your experience. By deciding to become an NUS mentor on horsesmouth you can help others facing the same challenges and choices that you have.

So what’s it all about? The NUS partnership with Horsesmouth will:

  • provide a safe and easy way for you to get advice on any query or problem,
  • allow everyone to gain and share advice on learning, work and other life challenges,
  • help student mentors to develop their own skills while supporting others,
  • support students and staff within the student movement, or within particular campaigns.

What’s the next step? Visit Horsesmouth  and search for a mentor to help you, or publish a call for help to the whole Horsesmouth community, or sign up as an NUS mentor here.