While the government's decision to scrap maintenance grants has forced the #CutTheCosts campaign to focus most urgently on that, student debt is a much broader issue.

As the government snatches grants from the poorest - and now threatens the same for NHS bursaries - costs continue to spiral and debt continues to deepen. The result? Ever increasing inequality in our education system.

We know that 77 per cent of university graduates are worried or very worried about debt. But let's be clear about what debt is - it's not just your student loan. Debt is your overdraft, the pay day lenders and loan sharks. Debt is working more hours than is good for your health and your grades. Debt is worsening the crisis in mental health. Debt can mean the choice of living on beans or not to eat at all. Debt is a deterrent to education.

High fees, high debts, high costs of living, including transport, course costs and day-to-day expenses, coupled with a lack of bursaries and now no grants, are pricing students out of education. We want our government, our local authorities, and our institutions to #CutTheCosts for students.

Fairer fares, hidden course costs and NHS bursaries

After widespread student campaigning, we came within 11 votes of stopping the government from scrapping maintenance grants for 500,000 of the country's poorest students. We are now continuing to campaign hard to #CutTheCost of student transport and secure greater transparency on hidden course costs

We are also supporting the #BursaryOrBust campaign to stop the government from scrapping NHS bursaries for student nurses, midwives and allied health professions and replacing them with loans.