Students, take action:

If you’ve got...

One minute: Share the campaign on social media.


5 mins: Sign our petition (and share it in a group chat)

10 mins: Write to your MP using our campaign tool

15 mins: share your stories! Make a video. Tell everyone about your experiences using #StudentsDeserveBetter and tag us @nusuk or @nationalunionofstudents on TikTok

30 mins: Call your family/friends and tell them about what is going on and get them to sign and share the campaign.

One hour: Organise a group of your friends, people on your course, or people in the same halls to listen to the experiences of students on your campus. Invite a local journalist along to spread the story.

Students’ Unions, take action:

Students have been ignored by MPs and government throughout the pandemic. To fix this, we have to make sure they hear their voices direct. For International day of the Student (17 November 2020), we would like to see students and students’ unions organising Town Hall meetings with their local MPs. Students can share their stories and convince their MP to support the campaign, and lobby the government (specifically, HM Treasury) in favour of our asks.

If you’ve got...

30 mins: Email all of your students about the #StudentsDeserveBetter campaign, encouraging them to take the actions for students!

OR: Talk to your local press about the issues that your students are facing on campus.

One hour: Meet with your Vice-Chancellor and ask them to publicly commit to our set of #StudentsDeserveBetter demands. Why not accompany this with an open letter from you and your students to make the case really clear?

Two hours: Organise a #StudentsDeserveBetter online event with your students to discuss the treatment of students as a result of the pandemic. This is especially effective if you organise this with halls in lockdown, and an NUS officer will come and speak! Don’t forget to sign our petition too.