Give all students a student support package!

Students across the UK are facing financial insecurity as a result of the pandemic. They have lost money in rent and are cutting back on food and basic necessities just to get by. The income from part-time work that many rely on barely existed this year and the summer job market looks dire. 
With their usual sources of financial support drying up and not being eligible for other forms of government support, students are getting into debt and a shocking one in ten students are using foodbanks.  
We want the UK government to provide a student support package for all students in further and higher education to help them survive the coming months.
The different forms of hardship support made available by all four governments hasn’t been nearly enough, and most students haven’t been able to access it.  We call on the Treasury to urgently unlock further funding and work with devolved governments to roll out desperately needed financial relief to every student. 

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Show your support - graphics for use on social media

Below are graphics you can use on social media to show your support for the campaign and encourage other students to sign up.