Let's Win Rent Rebates


We want funding from our national governments to support students to access rent rebates for housing that they currently cannot use. To win this, we have to put pressure on the Treasury in Westminster to understand that this is a key issue and release the funding. 

What can you do?

  1. Submit evidence to the APPG on Students Inquiry on the Impact of Covid-19 on Students to show that we need the government to fund rent rebates. If the Inquiry recommends that we need rent rebates, this will move MPs to ask questions of and put pressure on the Treasury. Deadline: January 18th. 

  1. Tell us if your uni is offering rent freezes so that we can shout about positive examples. 

  1. Share and promote stories on your social media of the impact of having to pay rent on students right now. Remember to use the hashtag #StudentsDeserveBetter!

  1. Write to your MP and ask them to write to the Treasury on behalf of students to ask for rent rebates. 

What is NUS doing?

  1. Bring more national and influential education and landlord bodies on-side with this issue, so that our voices are amplified to the government.

  1. Seek advice on the legality of students being charged for homes they cannot live in.

  1. Shout about good examples and strong campaigns that students have led on campus, to show that we can and will win rent rebates.