Supporting Students: Who to target to win…

2. The right to leave without financial detriment

Who can fix this? University leaders or governments

What can they do? Let students leave their accommodation contracts, defer their year or leave their course without cost

What can you do?

  • Lobby your university leaders! Or, go straight to the government.
  • Lobby HM Treasury to release money for universities to be able to do these things and to support students.
  • Work together with students’ unions in your area to ask your MP to lobby on your behalf.
  • Share our petition.

3. An effective strategy for education now and for post-Covid recovery

Who can fix this? The UK government and devolved governments.

What can they do? Develop a new strategy for funded, accessible, and lifelong education.

What can you do?

  • Change people’s minds! When you talk about the campaign, make sure to highlight that it’s the education system that is broken already – Covid is exposing the flaws.
  • Share our petition.