Let's Win No Detriment Policies

What is NUS doing?

We are using our relationships with national bodies and lobbying organisations to publicly advocate their support for No Detriment policies, and we will update SUs about this in our fortnightly organising calls.


During the pandemic, students have been forced to transition to remote learning, they've been unable to access facilities, labs and studios required to complete their courses, managed their online studies with bad internet access, and in lots of cases been restricted by digital poverty. Students have managed part-time work, heightened caring responsibilities, and even stepped in to work on NHS frontlines. Students have faced so many hurdles trying to access their education.

Students deserve academic justice with No Detriment policies available at every institution.

Use the map below to find out if your institution has committed to a No Detriment policy for students, and encourage other institutions to do so too.

If your institution does have a No Detriment policy but you don't see it on the Map, please complete the form below and it will be added.