Decolonisers Festival 2021 - Political education workshops, skill-sharing activities, funding opportunities - 15th and 16th May - Sign-up now

As you know, we have focused the first academic year of the NUS Decolonise Education Campaign on political education and capacity building. Next year will be slightly different as we are aiming to bring the campaign to the next level.

The Decolonisers Festival will take place on the 15th and 16th May. It will be open to all and will act as the launch event for the Decolonisers Programme.

It will offer a mix of political education workshops, skill-sharing activities, and networking opportunities for people campaigning on decolonising education at a local and national level.

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Following the festival, will be the Decolonisers Programme, where campaigners from all around the UK will come together to collectively design and create 20 local or targeted decolonising campaigns. Each campaign will receive £200 to put their plan into practice in the next academic year!

Decolonisers Programme 2021 - 5 weeks and £200 to build your local decol campaigns with NUS - from the week of the 17th May to the 25th June 2021 - Sign-up now

The Decolonisers Programme will be weekly evening sessions starting the week of the 17th May, up until the week of the 25th June 2021.

Each session will be themed and will allow you to design your campaign step by step.

At the end of the programme, you will be able to present your campaign to the other members as well as NUS UK Officers.

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Which platform will we be using?

The festival and the programme will take place on NUS Decolonisers Discord server. We will be using the voice channels for the sessions. There will also be text channels for people to interact and socialise during and outside the sessions.

Sara Khan, your VP Liberation & Equality, recorded this tutorial to show you how to use the platform:


Any other questions?

Get in touch with any moderator or admin on the Discord server, or email Drea, our student organiser worker, for more details!  



Join the movement!

How much time do you have?

One second: stay informed and help us build a platform for the campaign by following us on Twitter and Instagram.

Five minutes: have a look at our mixed-media library and download something to read, listen to or watch later.

A few hours per month: launch your own campaign to decolonise education and tell us how you’re getting with it at our Decolonisers’ hangouts!

A few hours per week: sign-up to volunteer with us! Contact for more info.