Decolonisers Hang-outs

Throughout the first quarter of 2021, NUS will be hosting Decolonisers’ hangouts.

What are those you might ask?

Well, they are online spaces, facilitated by members and volunteers to share how their decolonising education campaigns look, which challenges they’re facing, what support they need, which questions they have, with the aim of coordinating a national grassroots movement. Some campaigns will have just started, others might have been going on for several years, while others are still thinking about where to start. These spaces will be for everyone, they will be your spaces.

When are they going to happen?

These are in development and we will let you know via email and social media when we have clear dates.

Where are they going to happen?

Online at present but dependent on the needs of the session.

How to get involved with facilitation?

Get in touch with for more details!  

Join the movement!

How much time do you have?

One second: stay informed and help us build a platform for the campaign by following us on Twitter and Instagram.

Five minutes: have a look at our mixed-media library and download something to read, listen to or watch later.

A few hours per month: launch your own campaign to decolonise education and tell us how you’re getting with it at our Decolonisers’ hangouts! A few hours per week: sign-up to volunteer with us! Contact for more info.