Violence, harassment & consent

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Violence, harassment & consent

It’s sad but unsurprising that sexual harassment is rife in universities. NUS’ own research in 2018 showed that at least 4 in 10 students had experienced sexual misconduct, including 1 in 8 at the hands of staff members. Two years on from this, we would have hoped to see universities taking concrete action, and for the problem to be shrinking – however this is clearly not the case.

We need to see a culture shift in higher education, with accountability and transformative justice at its heart. We need to believe survivors instead of putting them on trial, and we need person-centred, trauma-centred approach to supporting them. We need safe, inclusive, and tailored support for people of colour, LGBT+, trans, and disabled survivors.

This year, our focus has been on opposing the state violence against sex workers, by supporting campaigns lobbying to decriminalise sex work, such as the #NotEqualNotSafe campaign, Decrim Now, and other initiative lobbying against the Nordic Model. Here's our statement regarding the proposed bill.


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