Students Deserve Better

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#StudentsDeserveBetter than our treatment during Covid-19!

The government has ignored the needs of students throughout the pandemic. Together, we’re changing that...


At the end of 2020, we won £20m for student hardship in England. At the beginning of 2021, we won an additional £50m.


Across the UK, we have successfully secured over £174 million for student support. This will go a long way in supporting students in the short-term, to overcome financial pressures brought on by the pandemic.


But now, we're campaigning for long-term structural change. We're calling on the government to re-introduce Maintenance Grants.

What we want

We know that #StudentsDeserveBetter than their treatment during the pandemic. Now is the time for the governments and universities to recognise this too.



  • Maintenance grants - the government must re-introduce maintenance grants for students who need financial support right now.


  • No academic disadvantage for students affected by Covid-19 restrictions – all universities and colleges should adopt “no detriment” policies where needed, ensuring that no student is unfairly disadvantaged as a result of the pandemic.


  • Rent rebates – students should not be left out of pocket, paying for accommodation they can’t use, especially when they have no clarity on whether they’ll be expected to return to campus. We are calling on governments across the UK to provide compensation with rent rebates for those students affected. 


  • Ensure fair treatment during accommodation lockdowns & uphold students' basic legal rights – students should not be treated differently to other members of the public and scapegoated. We should not be threatened and policed by private security forces. Students should also have easy access to rent reimbursement for lockdown periods and free internet access, care packages with food, wellbeing materials, and necessities, and targeted educational & mental health support, with facilitation of social activity.


  • Provide an effective strategy for education now and for post-covid recovery – Now: an effective test & trace system in place, a move to online teaching as default and a student support package including immediate financial & wellbeing support. Post-Covid: investment into digital infrastructure and mental health support. Future: a new strategy that delivers lifelong, funded and accessible education for everyone in society.


How you can be involved

Find out more about this campaign and how you can get involved now, by visiting the following pages:



Find out about our past actions and campaign work by students and officers on the ground:



What we’ve won since lockdown

We’ve been fighting for students throughout the pandemic. We’ve been working around the clock, alongside students’ unions, to fight for justice and defend students’ rights since this pandemic began. The collective power of NUS and students’ unions across the country has won…


  • Over £174m for student hardship across the UK with a #StudentSafetyNet and #StudentsDeserveBetter
  • £500m back for students, by securing early tenancy release
  • A 4-Nation U-turn on A-level, GCSE and BTEC grading in the summer, winning #JusticeForEducation
  • Rent refunds for students in accommodation lockdown

NUS and students’ unions have and will continue to represent students at local, regional and national levels, united and mobilised. And you can be a part of the action!


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